The Solidarity mixtape just dropped.  Though we had the wind knocked out of us Friday morning late Thursday night when the Republicans slipped the bill through the Assembly, it was so damn gratifying to see the energy and enthusiasm bounce back Friday by noon.  This is a little something to help keep that spirit and spark up when you’re not surrounded by tens of thousands of people in solidarity and you’re away from the rotunda’s constant drumbeat.

   The first half is mostly rock (..there’s a lot of white people down there, don’tchaknow), second half is funk & hiphop, principally.     A pdf of the tracklisting is in the first folder.

  I don’t know if Bob LaFollette would’ve been bumping this in his buggy, but I like to think so.

The Avengers – We Are The One
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Fugazi – Burning Too
Pink Fairies – Do It
MC5 – Kick Out the Jams [Live]
MC5 – Come Together [Live]
Kati Kovacs – Add Már Uram Az Esöt!
Pixies – U-Mass
X-Ray Spex – Art-I-Ficial
David Bowie – Suffragette City
Warsaw {Joy Division} – Warsaw
Exploited – Class War
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
M.I.A. – Just A Dream 
Sham 69 – Tell Us The Truth  (live) 
Mission Of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Nirvana – (Devo’s) Turnaround
Rage Against The Machine – Guerilla Radio
OutKast – Gasoline Dreams
Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out 
Ghostface Killah w/ Black Thought – In Tha Park
Ofo & the Black Company – Allah Wakbarr

The Black on White Affair – A Bunch of Changes
Jade – Paper Man
Sly & the Family Stone – Sing A Simple Song
Marlena Shaw – Liberation Conversation
Sons Of Slum – Right On
Aaron Neville – Hercules
Bill Withers – Use Me
Segments Of Time – Song To The System
The Communicators & the Black Experience Band – The Road
Robert Moore – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Solidarity music for Wisconsin & the world

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