A brief ode to the preceding three weeks. Obviously, people’ve been a lot more effective than screaming at a wall, with much more sophisticated organizing and coordination going on. But for the tens of thousands of us who would show up and try to have an impact with our voices and bodies, here’s to a new era that transcends being obligated to comply with the Department of Administration’s petty spite, locked in or out at their asinine whims. Here’s to the next few months being a blossoming of communities and coalitions all working together to Kill. This. Fucking. Bill.  And then roll back a number of other regressive measures that’ve been put in place by the right-wing for decades.

  This is huge, people – we’re getting off our asses in ways we never did in the Bush years, even at the peak of anti-Iraq War demonstrations, or when we mobilized to put Obama in office. We are not going to stop in our efforts until we feel safe working and raising families in Wisconsin.

  You’re trying to affect so many people in so many ways, Walker, you’ve actually made it easy for us to create solidarity statewide.  We may have to wait until January to get rid of you, but in the interim, we’ll be picking off & recalling your Republican allies in the Senate, one by goddamn one.

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