Dairyland Youth Solidarity

   Here are part one and part two of a slightly amended version of the initial Solidarity mix, set to fit on a single CD.

   This was for a friend’s party – she had the disgusting communistic conceit that everyone bring 5 copies of a mix CD that’d be good for spring cleaning, so everyone could leave with 5 different new mixes.  This sharing is clearly a symptom of the absolutely appalling goodwill and renewed sense of community I’ve seen break out in Madison the last five weeks. Hopefully the Governor will do the right thing and send in the National Guard soon to crack skulls and and knock some sense & real American values into people, like exploitative capitalism.   I mean, people were just giving these CDs away to each other.

The Avengers  |  We Are The One
Bikini Kill  |  Rebel Girl
Fugazi  |  Burning Too
Pink Fairies  |  Do It (Single Edit)
MC5  |  Kick Out the Jams [Live]
MC5  |  Come Together [Live]
Kati Kovacs  |  Add Már Uram Az Esöt!
Pixies  |  U-Mass
X-Ray Spex  |  Art-I-Ficial
David Bowie  |  Suffragette City
Warsaw (Joy Division)  |  Warsaw
Exploited  |  Class War
Minor Threat  |  Minor Threat
{Milwaukee’s} The Crusties  |  Dairyland Youth
Kathleen Cleaver  |  Change It
Sham 69  |  Tell Us The Truth (live)
Rage Against The Machine  |  Guerilla Radio
OutKast  |  Gasoline Dreams
Public Enemy  |  Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Ghostface Killah w/ Black Thought  |  In Tha Park
Ofo & the Black Company  |  Allah Wakbarr
The Black on White Affair  |  A Bunch of Changes
Sly & the Family Stone  |  Sing A Simple Song
Marlena Shaw  |  Liberation Conversation
Communicators & Black Experience Band  |  The Road
Aaron Neville  |  Hercules
Bill Withers  |  Use Me

Huey Newton  |  Power to the People

 A PDF of the tracklisting’s in the first folder.

  This re-up is a little different than the original volume.  There’re less songs, trimmed for audio CD format. (Though the final track with Huey Newton speaking didn’t make it on most of the CDs I burned, which was supremely annoying, since his 18 seconds fit the first couple CDs burned.)

   The songs don’t share the same album title, they retain all the original information.  The songs are numbered in the folder, but you may have to manually re-order them in your playlist if they don’t remain in that order when you drag it to an iTunes playlist or whatever you use. ‘Cause this shit flows, and rrrrrreally, you’d just be robbing yourself if you lost that momentum.   ((eye roll)) 

  There are also new pictures used for the album artwork – great stuff that actual journalists have shot, way better than my photos I’ve been posting here.

  And I used Gooogle’s storage instead of uploading to Mediafire, for anyone who isn’t comfy with using sites they’re not familiar with. And why wouldn’t you trust Google?

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