It’s been a tough week & a half, with so many people (understandably) having a knee-jerk reaction to the U.S. & Europe’s military “intervention” in Libya.  I’m unclear as to how many civilians NATO and the individual invading countries have killed, but it is clear that many lives were saved in Libya and the resistance against Gaddafi is far from quashed. I had blinders on so hugely earlier in March as the rebels lost ground and so many people were massacred by Gaddafi’s forces, I wanted very badly for an internationally-sanctioned solution.  But when the UN actually voted and acted, I realized just how unpalatable it seemed:  the U.S. aligned with the likes of David Cameron & Sarkozy, invading our third Islamic country, on the eighth anniversary of the savage cruelty we bombarded Iraq with.

   Who can say how this’ll turn out in Libya ultimately, as with Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, and so many other places across the region now.

   But I think this is well worth reading, especially if you’ve had reservations about what we’re doing in Libya now.

Juan Cole’s Open Letter to the Left on Libya

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