Check out this awesome picture of my new Assembly Rep: fucking no one. It’s up to Walker to decide when the election will be to replace Joe Parisi, and since the district’s the east half of Atwood with Monona, McFarland, Blooming Grove & Dunn, the governor’s going to sit & stall on this for as long as we let him. I just moved back to Madison last week after a long & welcome hiatus not here, but there’s simply too much to be done in the coming year to not be in Cap City now.

  We did a piece about the candidates today for Labor Radio on WORT, you can stream it directly here  or  download it here.  As ever, the station’s past month of shows are available at, and there’s the awesome Block Party coming up on Sunday, right outside WORT at Doty & Bedford from 11am to 7pm.

The Capital Times did a good piece on the growing number of people who’re vying for the seat now. And this is a letter Karen Bassler wrote to the Wisconsin State Journal a week ago about how ridiculous & outrageous this is that we don’t have a voice in the Assembly, or any indication that’s changing soon.

  As far as I can tell, everyone who’s announced is pretty damn solid and I will be very happy whenever one of them is finally in the Legislature. It’d be a li’l hyperbolic to say it’s an embarassment of riches, but I definitely recognize how fortunate we in the Fightin’ Forty-Eighth are to have this great field to choose from. Now just have to figure out who to help campaign. Seriously want to work with at least half these people, regardless of their winning or not.

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