My father, who was trained in engineering at M.I.T. in the slide-rule era, often lamented the way the pocket calculator, for all its convenience, diminished my generation’s math skills. Many of us have discovered that navigating by G.P.S. has undermined our mastery of city streets and perhaps even impaired our innate sense of direction. Typing pretty much killed penmanship. Twitter and YouTube are nibbling away at our attention spans. And what little memory we had not already surrendered to Gutenberg we have relinquished to Google. Why remember what you can look up in seconds? – Bill Keller

This guy is practically a war criminal as far as I’m concerned, what with not only his astounding apathy & passivity in 2002 & 2003 as the Bush, Jr. Administration connned, cajoled & cudgeled this nation into war, but for his direct complicity in it as well. Called Wolfowitz a “Sunshine Warrior” in September 2002 while referring to Iraq as the “coming war” as though they’d already decided it was inevitable. (Which obviously they had, just hadn’t told the rest of us that yet.) In his New York Times column, he demanded Powell resign because it was the Secretary of State who failed us in not making Iraq submit. Mm-hm.

 But especially for his decision as NYT Executive Editor to sit on the story of the illegal expansion of FISA into domestic NSA warrantless wiretapping until a year after the 2004 election. Must have such contempt for we rank & file slobs in the U.S. that he’d deliberately fuck us so bad, especially when we were so close to legitimately removing Bush, Jr. through a peaceful, orderly electoral process.

 (BTW, Thomas Drake is still fighting to not end up like Bradley Manning.)

 But Keller’s right about the internet subtly undermining our brains. As much as I now perpetually take advantage of its many positive attributes, like using social media as a weapon to combat oppression & organize people to resist – it’s not all good, this convenience..

” Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, is afraid of the Internet (via soupsoup) “

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