If you missed the day farmers came from across the state down to the Square, or it’s just been awhile, this is such a great video. Lots more at this link above.

 This was from Saturday, March 12, the day we had over 100,000 people on the Square and the Democratic Senators could finally come back from Illinois. Anyone who was down there, I don’t think we can ever forget that day together.

I’ve had the honor of getting to know Joel this spring and Family Farm Defenders in general. We traveled down to Chicago together on April 15, 5 not-small guys crammed into a sedan, leaving Madison at 8am and returning at 1am. Some of the Defenders then had a few more hours to drive to get home & do work for their animals at dawn. For once, I didn’t have an hour-long drive back to my rural home, and got some sleep before Sarah Palin came to town the next day to yell at us. These guys have been organizing people for decades, and literally defending their own family farms from encroaching agribusiness monoliths for far too long. One of many people I’ve met the last three months who make me want to become so much smarter and so much more effective for resistance and building better alternatives in Wisconsin and worldwide.

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