Ireland: the white Kenya. #FuckBritishImperialism.

As the President said today in Dublin, “Broken Irish is better than clever English.”That’s for foookin’ sure. I’m sure that O’Bama didn’t mind this reception there; think it’s been awhile since he’s seen such a huge, unambiguously enthusiastic crowd. Glad he could return to one of two places we share roots. And as Taoiseach Enda Kenny said, the President does indeed embody the American dream; no way his emigrating great-great-great-grandfather would’ve guessed his descendant would be returning to Ireland as President of the U.S.  ({conspiratorial whisper:} and that he’d be not all whiiiite)

“Never has a nation so small inspired so much in another … there’s always been a little green behind the red, white & blue,” said Barack Obama of the Ireland-U.S. connection. I’ve always thought Ireland & Jamaica share so much – such tiny places that’ve gone through so much suffering, principally at the hand of the fascist British, and yet persevere and produce art & culture that seizes the world’s imagination & hearts.

I’d never heard of Frederick Douglass meeting Dónal Ó Conaill in Dublin ‘til now. Inspiring to see President Obama talk about how that meeting resulted in an even stronger resolve for non-violent activism when Mr. Douglass returned to the U.S. to continue to combat slavery.

“This is a nation that met its responsibilities by choosing to apply the lessons of its own past to assume a heavier burden of responsibility on the world stage. And today, people who once knew the pain of an empty stomach, now feed those who hunger abroad.” Nice work, speechwriters. Love that.

“I feel warmer after that pint that I had,” said our 44th President of his welcome. The last guy couldn’t go around saying that.

“In dreams begin responsibility,” overcoming the cynics & naysayers and showing people what we can do together.  Is féidir linn.

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