An appalling day of police behavior yesterday in the Capitol. My friend Bridgette was arrested because cops said she refused to be searched, eventhough she entered the building legally through their extensive metal detectorwanding system, and then Sam Mayfield & Alex Noguera-Garces were arrested for filming the arrest. I was at WORT during the madness; from every account I heard, police in the Capitol were being aggressively brutal to an extent they haven’t yet been with us. This is footage from Sam’s own camera,

  here is another angle.

  And another.

  Oh, and because people were so sweaty yesterday due to the 93-degree heat and their arms were slippery, lotion is now banned in the Capitol.

 These are the kind of people we’re dealing with.

 I will say the most inspiring & gratifying thing was bumping into Sam on the streets of Walkerville shortly after she was processed & released, and she was still just doing her job. Seemingly unfazed, you wouldn’tve known she’d been arrested for no reason just talking to her. (I’d already heard from quite a few people she was, so I wanted to make sure she was okay.) She was still collecting video of folks like Pilar Schiavo & John Peck speaking, and then packed up her stuff to, I assume, start editing & headed over to WORT for last night’s In Our Backyard interview.

  That’s what resilience looks like.

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