From the JFC last Thursday. This was far before the committee finally convened, and perhaps this will give some insight to people as to why we were so worked up after waiting six hours for them to start. They came and arrested Miles simply for wearing pink (“somone suspicious” had been wearing pink earlier in the Capitol, so of course why not arrest Miles?), but refused to tell him or us why. Miles had heard some cops were looking for him so, as a joke, he tied himself to a chair in JFC to prevent the cops from taking him out of the room. The joke quickly became serious when they actually came into JFC and began taking him out, baldly refusing to tell him why he was under arrest. They then confiscated Arthur Kohl-Riggs’s backpack of photography equipment, simply because it was sitting near Miles when the cops came. 

    This all was hours before the action with Voces de la Frontera began.

   I sat on this for the last week because I know how some people get about seeing citizens having an encounter with the police in the Capitol. However, after the cops’ appalling behavior targeting & outright assaulting journalists and medics on Monday afternoon, this really doesn’t look like much. We should all recognize the cops have clearly devolved in how they want to interact with us, and have no problem flouting the law to do what they want to do in the Capitol. And those of us who’ll keep going to the Capitol should also take heed that we’re not baited by their violence and do something rash that would give cops an opportunity to finally take out their batons on us. It’s very difficult to do – as much as I’ll forever regret not being able to be on the Square midday Monday for the protest against the budget, a very, very small part of me recognizes it was a good thing I wasn’t in the Cap when cops attacked Alex Noguera-Garces & Sam Mayfield, after dragging Bridgette around on the ground and further injuring her ankle. Bridgette’s one of the most inspiring & down-ass motherfuckin’ people in this whole movement. And I also have an immense amount of respect for Sam, and to see her grabbed by a cop simply for filming Bridgette’s & Alex’s arrests might’ve ended badly for the cop and very badly for me, ultimately. They’ll continue to bait us, I think, until they see someone break, so we have to make sure any individual stays calm. ..Even as the police pull blatantly illegal maneuvers to continue to bar us from exercising our right to peacefully assemble or from witnessing our government at work.

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