We’ve gotta be very careful with ourselves this week. My friend Jeff & Superbranch were already joking about this, but the reference they’re using is actually a potent example: we rebel scum don’t know what we’re about to walk into, and we don’t know what FitzWalkHuebsch know. I thought maybe I was getting paranoid about the cops’ escalation of violence the last week and a half, especially during contentious points by the elevators, but fuck it, I’ll say now they *have* been baiting us. I don’t know if that extends to the Special Olympics & all, but we know Walker has no compunction about sending in violent agitators. They may think this is the time to try to make us finally look like all the lies they’ve been saying about us since February. Have no idea that’s definitely about to happen, but we’ve got to take each situation as it comes and make sure we know what the hell we’re doing.

   This is going to be a historic week, mostly in tragic terms for Wisconsinites. We’re all going to have to have the discipline & strategy to ensure everyone who’s joined this movement in the last four months honors the path that brought us here & we fully embody the spirit of our revolution. To represent the best of this state as we reflect our sisters’ & brothers’ insurrections across the world in 2011. So many people I know who’ll be at the Capitol this week are that manifestation, making things happen, making sure people know where & when to show up. Maybe this is too corny, but people who live in Walkerville still find their valor from a place of love, not reactionary hatred. Some of them have been arrested for ridiculously minute infractions, some grossly mistreated & physically abused by cops the last 2 weeks. They’re not angry about what’s happened to them – we’re angry about what’s happening to Wisconsin. I can only vouch for the people I know, but I know they wield that anger responsibly, using it as creative energy to continue resistance and shore others up when faith & strength lapse.

   I absolutely understand not everyone can be there, but I’d say to anyone worried about what’s going to happen in the coming days, please join us in the Capitol keeping it peaceful.

  ( this is in response to Carol replying to my retweeting Jim Mueller’s post at Blue Cheddar,  “Attention, Fox viewers, this week Walker will manufacture a riot especially for you”   ;  the photo I took around 8pm on February 18th)

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