From the rotunda today, June 14th. The Solidarity Singalong was going on strong as the Assembly & Senate engaged in banal procedure, completely deflating the energy & tension that were prevalent in the chambers at 11am & noon. I could hear people yelling & chanting & clapping when I was sitting in the Assembly gallery, and since they accomplished nothing in an hour’s time, I got the hell out of there to join our sisters & brothers downstairs. Wise decision – the Assembly soon went into recess, and I got to sing & chant with some great people.

  We’ll still be here,
    one day longer than they will.

bonus beats 6.16.11

 turns out i did miss something by leaving the gallery: Kelda Roys, for whatever reason, kindly decided to give me a shout-out while she was on the floor, barely a couple minutes before they recessed. i’d solidarity-texted her before the session started to let her know people in the gallery were there to support any attempt the Dems’d undertake to forestall the majority blasting it through the Assembly. fortunately, no one lingered on looking for this invisible figure in the gallery, and it was mercifully inconsequential. it would’ve been funny had the GOP been obliged to politely applaud, considering a few people i was with would get into the thick with some of their smugger Reps & staffers outside the Inn On The Park that night around 1:30a.m.

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