Pretty emotional day down on the Square today. (For my wuss ass, at least) Hard to not tear up during some of the Solidarity Singalong, and then helping take Walkerville tents down was….not fun.

 It was news to me that Dave Boetcher ended the permit early, so that was an unpleasant surprise to see the Information Station already starting to be dismantled before noon.

   We’ve been singing some of these songs together for four months now, and they certainly’ve not lost any of their potency. But to no longer have these lyrics be abstractions about what’s coming down the pike but actual diagnoses of what was passed in the budget last night, that was difficult to struggle with.

 They are taking untold billions that they never toiled to earn, but without our brain & muscle not a single wheel can turn.

 We are a gentle, angry people – singing AND fighting for our goddamn lives.

And then they came for the children, hard to believe but it’s true. Schools & good health might take from their wealth …

I never knew how much I loved Wisconsin, ‘til I stood in the Capitol dome. Signs on the walls, and drums in the halls, cries of “freedom!” ringing out all night long …

For so long we’ve been asking, why aren’t more people upset? They’re selling our clout & tuning us out, they’re not treating us with respect. The giant has only been sleeping, now the sun shines on the morning dew. From under the sheets, it came into the streets, so tell me, what is it gonna do?


 So know the first thing we did right was the day we started to fight.

Hold on. Hold on.

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