Sam Mayfield posted this video from the Senate protests yesterday.

She, Anne Lyttle, Alex Noguera-Garces, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, quite a few others I don’t know & not an inconsequential number of cops were all filming us as we simply sat outside the Senate chamber last night and were dragged away by the cops for doing so. They picked up Chris French by his neck to remove him from our circle of linked arms, and were far more brutal than they needed to be taking others away. As usual, we tried to reason with them that we were exercising first amendment rights to peaceful assembly, and were essentially told we were in the wrong place to do that. We were told to go the rotunda if we wanted to gather – I told the officers that the rotunda’s not a “free speech zone,” the whole Capitol, city, state & country is our “free speech zone,” which was met with shrugs.

 ”Just doin’ my job, buddy.”

And we were just doing ours. Buddy. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the others take out brutality complaints or even lawsuits today.

 The video also features nice interviews with Bridgette & Charity, some of my favorite people from this whole damn movement. Bridgette was one of the two who locked themselves to the Senate gallery yesterday – Sam threw in a couple shots of her head overlooking the balcony.

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