Setting Prosser up.

Cops came by before too long, of course, and “suggested” we take it down before we were cited for stealing public energy (or whatever – Miles plugged the fan to inflate Prosser into the streetlamp outlet), blocking a wheelchair egress (would’ve been no problem to move His inJustice), and probably disorderly conduct, just ‘cause they like to throw that in a lot.

  But the first officer who came through, Mike, was decent with us & had a sense of humor about it all. We joked with him about putting the 20-foot (25!, says Emma Roller in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Prosser in the back of his squad car and driving it around the Square. He also jokingly offered us his car keys, since we also paid for his Capitol Police car, when we said the electricity was paid for by the public anyway. He didn’t think I’d actually step forward to try to grab ‘em.  Also as a joke. Really.

  This could’ve gone worse, it was a really good day down there. I got in for some of the 99th Solidarity Sing Along; most leaks in Prosser’s ample torso were quickly plugged; I got to catch up with Rep. Roys briefly as she was leaving the Square after we put Prosser back into Miles’s van; and had a great bike ride back to the east side. Gorgeous, great day, actually, and it’s so early yet. What’s next?

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