Wisconsin giveth… & she taketh awayeth

Reassuring that the zombie Democrats weren’t even close today (outside of Shelly Moore in Sheila Harsdorf’s district), but we’ve got quite a battle on our hands to reclaim these seats this summer. Not to mention making sure we’re not all googly eyes for these people just because they have a “D” after their name. Let them know this massive groundswell of popular support & lots of free labor the Democrats are getting comes with the price of accountability. Some of these folks support policies that are not at all what even the most moderate of protesters at the Capitol this winter would like to see.

  As for my own district, the 48th, it’d seemed for a little while Chris Taylor was going to take it, as she did. She was not my first choice, but sure as hell wasn’t my last. None of the three men running particularly impressed me; I voted for Bethany Ordaz, but would’ve been all right had Vicky Selkowe swept Taylor.

    Good fight, Bethany – I appreciate that you worked so damn hard around the neighborhood. Reminds me of another upstart candidate from a couple years ago who came seemingly outta nowhere, and entered the Assembly by doing so much work her own damn self. Thank you for stepping up to try to represent this little pocket of Wisconsin.

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