Capitol Facilities Director Commits Act Of Aggression Toward Non-Violent Protester

A statement on yesterday’s stabbing, principally authored by the great Erika Wolf:

Capitol Facilities Director Commits Act Of Aggression Toward Non-Violent Protester

On Monday, July 25, 2011, Leslie Peterson was about to get her picture taken while holding a heart balloon outside of the Supreme Court during the Solidarity Sing Along. Out of nowhere, Ron Blair, the state’s Assistant Facilities Director at the Capitol, came up to Leslie without saying anything and popped her balloon with a blade, cutting himself in the process. Leslie and photographer Jenna Pope were startled and proceeded to question him, asking for his name and why he popped the balloon. Blair turned around and grabbed Leslie’s wrists in a fit of anger, and threw her against a bathroom door. Once Leslie started screaming for help, Blair ran off and left the building. Jenna then called for the police, and two of them pursued Blair out the doors (all this time bleeding profusely), at which point they identified him to Jenna as Ron Blair, who works in the Capitol. He then fled to his office across the street in the Risser Justice Center, and the cops followed him into the building.


Email Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, condemning Blair’s action and demanding his suspension:  or call him at (608) 266-1741.

Email Ron Blair, condemning his violent actions and demanding his public apology:  or call him at (608) 266-3660.

 In response to this incident and patterns of behavior in the Wisconsin Capitol,


The Department of Administration must suspend Blair without pay, pending results of an investigation into the incident with Leslie Peterson and the heart-shaped balloons in the Capitol rotunda on July 25, 2011.

The Department of Administration must set the record straight. We actively dispute the Department’s claim that Blair “fell down the stairs” – he cut himself in the process of popping Peterson’s balloon and the Department’s statement on the incident needs to correct that.

Public apology from Ron Blair for the aggression towards Leslie Peterson for endangering her with the blade and putting his hands on her while bleeding, as well as for pushing and restraining her.

An investigation into the incident with Ron Blair and Leslie Peterson on July 25, 2011. We want full public disclosure of the report, and Blair should be punished to the full extent of the law based on the findings of the investigation.

A meeting with Chief Tubbs of the Capitol Police and his leadership team to address community concerns for growing police aggression towards citizens and equal enforcement in the Capitol.

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