With famine in southern Somalia and more than 11 million people in desperate need of food assistance in the region, countless lives hang in the balance. Just 50 U.S. cents per day is enough to feed a hungry child or mother on the edge of survival.

Tens of thousands have fled their homes, walked for weeks in search of food. Many young children have died along the way. And all of the Somali refugees arriving in Kenya and Ethiopia are exhausted. Between 40 per cent and 50 per cent of the children are acutely malnourished. Please give whatever you can afford. You will save lives; give protection. And you will offer hope to people who are in an extremely desperate situation. UNHCR is already scaling up work on the ground. US$7: provides ready-to-use therapeutic food for a malnourished refugee child

 US$50: therapeutic feeding kits – each one helps feed five children.

US$100: survival kits – each has a blanket, mattress, kitchen set, stove and soap.

US$345: all-weather tent to shelter a refugee family.

US$5,500: nutrition survey kit, includes weighing scales (x5), height measuring board, haemocue machine and accessories (microcuvettes, lancet, etc.), and mid upper arm circumference tape. Please do give whatever you can using the secure donation form.


They need our help,so please donate…just $7 can save a kid’s life and we spend even more than that on a single day.

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