Feingold will not simultaneously serve in the national Senate and as Wisconsin’s governor

Feingold, not running in the Walker recall or to succeed Herb Kohl’s senate seat:

” When I said on election night last year that it ‘was on to 2012,’ I meant it. As I said those words I was especially thinking of the need to re-elect President Obama. I will be working to re-elect him and hope to play a significant role in that effort. But since the aggressive tactics of Governor Walker and the legislature ensued, those words now also mean retaking the state government from these corporate-backed operatives is a special priority. The entire political climate is more infected by the domination of very wealthy individual and corporate interests than perhaps at any time in our nation’s history… [That’s why we fucking have to stay] devoted not only to overturning the Citizens United decision but to challenging those involved in the political process who, for short-term political gain, are willing to seek and accept unlimited corporate contributions. This practice should be strongly opposed regardless of party and regardless of whether I otherwise support these candidates. In many ways, this is the overriding political struggle of our time. It is more important than whether or when one person runs for office again. “

   I was at Russ’s concession speech in November of 2010. Bitter, brutal night – across the nation as well. I’m not surprised he’s publicly standing by the President at this point & supporting his reelection. A lot of us have to take the next 14 1/2 months and make a very difficult decision.

     Have we had enough? Barack Obama is so transparently in bed with the Wall Street masters of the Democrats & Republicans, and won’t even put up a half-ass *show* of a fight. So do we break finally with the national Democratic party and let people like Perry or Bachmann waltz into the White House with little trouble for the next couple decades while we build a national party of labor & youth & the otherwise-marginalized? Leaders like Feingold I think would help spark interest in such a thing, but his decision underscores more than ever the necessity of us doing it ourselves, building a bottom-up national movement that can actually serve as a counterweight to the Tea Party madness. And even pick up a few of them in the process, allying as we go after our common enemy of Wall Street, unabated corporate greed & shocking hyperinequality that’s rapidly destroying our nation and much of the world.

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