Non-Violent Anti-Nazi Rally

Coalition for Racial Justice and Unity

Non-Violent Anti-Nazi Rally

September 3, 1 pm  West Allis City Hall, 7621 W. Greenfield Ave.

Concerned individuals and members from over 30 organizations will
unite September 3, 2011, to say no to fear and racism when the Nazis
come to rally at the West Allis City Hall.  Join us at 1pm at the West
Allis City Hall, 76th and Greenfield, to nonviolently confront this
racist presence in our community.

The Nazis are using the unfortunate incidents at the Wisconsin State
Fair in West Allis to further their own racist agenda.  We refuse to
let anyone drive the spike of racism into the heart of our community.
We unite to eliminate divisions and focus on the roots of the
problems.  Racial divisiveness leads to distrust and violence whether
spontaneous or instigated.  We continue to educate, unite and work
tirelessly to build a positive community.

The Coalition for Racial Justice and Unity has agreed to the following
points of unity:

      • Racism is the enemy of progressive movements, and humanity.
We combat it with racial justice, tolerance and responsibility.

      • Milwaukee residents suffer from chronic joblessness rates
ranging from 10% for the general population to over 50% for Black
males.  This is affecting everyone, but it affects communities of
color most significantly.

      • Instead of focusing on fighting each other, we should be
focused on ending wars, cutting our massive military expenditures, and
allocating resources to serve domestic needs of the people, especially
the needs of our youth.

      • We commit to working against racism whether personal or
institutional. We call for reallocating necessary resources to protect
and restore services in our community and increase job opportunities
for all.

      • We encourage the entire community to participate in other
gatherings opposing the Nazi Rally such as the LUV Brigade Rally on
Sept. 3rd at 9:30 am at Red Arrow Park, 1000 N. Water St., the
Critical Mass bicycling event and other community events earlier in
the day and then join us at 1pm to rally at the West Allis City Hall.

Join us September 3rd as we stand together for non-violence, peace and
racial justice. Together, we say, “No to Fear, Hate and Racism!”

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