Some News

The Gaping Hole in the Conservative Case Against the Voting Rights Act

Where Did All those Super PAC Dollars Go? 1/3 of All Outside Money Moved Through Handful of Media Firms,” by Will Dooling

Political war profiteers: 20 consulting firms churn 80 percent of super PAC cash

The Great Austerity Swindle!

Buying “Political Intelligence” Can Pay Off Big for Wall Street

 “The political-intelligence business has expanded rapidly over a decade as government decisions have come to play a growing role for some on Wall Street. Investors spend more than $400 million a year for such intelligence, according to Integrity Research Associates, which follows the research industry. Its founder, Michael Mayhew, said hedge funds tell him the ‘single largest source of gains for them has been what’s going on in Washington.’ Political-intelligence specialists, unlike lobbyists, don’t have to disclose anything about their clients, activities or fees.”

Corporate Profits Have Soared By 171 Percent Under ‘Anti-Business’ Obama

Gun laws in the U.S., state by state  ::  a nice interactive by The Guardian

Federal Offshore Drilling Safety Committee May Disband Even as Concerns Mount — An advisory committee formed after 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster could be meeting for the last time this week, because its charter is set to expire.

As Shell’s Arctic Drilling Hopes “Hit Snags,” Its Rivals Watch

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