National News:

And that’s the way it was: February 11, 1990 — South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela is freed from prison after 27 years

 Federal Prison Population Spiked 790 Percent Since 1980

 Police seeking Dorner opened fire in a second case of mistaken identity
 Torrance police say the man was driving a pickup resembling the fugitive’s. The incident happened just after the LAPD fired on women delivering newspapers nearby.,0,3955268.story

 UN group says US attacks, air strikes kill hundreds of Afghan children in recent years

9/11 Case Is Delayed as Defense Voices Fears on Eavesdropping
 Lawyers in the case against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four others said they worry that their communications may be subject to government monitoring.

Petition from Public Citizen:
 Don’t Let Wall Street Offshore Its Recklessness — Urge the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to Keep Risky Derivatives Trades in Check, No Matter Where They Occur

Why the U.S. Could Use a Financial Transaction Tax

AARP’s petition:  Tell Pres. Obama: Keep Your Promise! (don’t link Social Security to chained CPI)

AARP is ramping up efforts against chained CPI with the State of the Union around the corner. The group has sent 4 million emails asking supporters to sign a petition, urging the president to “strengthen Social Security without cutting the benefits of current retirees.” AARP will also be running six weeks of national and in-district ads and launching an online widget where people can enter their information and find out how the chained CPI would affect them.

10 great points from David Leonhardt’s ‘Here’s the Deal’

❖ Bob Diamond, former CEO of Barclays, had a Tax Avoidance Unit. It’s being closed now, having  “been accused of orchestrating tax avoidance on an ‘industrial’ scale and has generated vast profits for the bank”.  Staff bonuses of  £2bn, however, will continue.

❖ Tom Hayes, “the former [UBS] senior trader charged by the US Department of Justice in connection with interest rate-rigging, says the scandal goes “much, much higher than me” . . . and warns “senior bank executives” could be implicated.


S&P Suit Shows DOJ Knows about Wall Street Corruption

❖ Those two “big lawsuits brought by federal and state governments” against credit agency Standard & Poor’s “don’t point the finger at any particular person who was responsible for these dastardly doings.”  Why?  The “best and brightest were diverted to anti-terrorism cases [after 9/11] and not replaced.”,0,1163345.column

Why the Government’s Lawsuit Against Standard & Poor’s Matters (Our Future)

Richard Eskow writes that taking S&P to court for its mortgage practices is a good idea not just because there’s a mountain of evidence that the agency committed serious fraud, but because their overall job performance is barely worthy of a junk rating.

Rating Victims Didn’t Know S&P’s Toxic AAA Born of Greed

Sen. Kaufman On JPMorgan Chase: Private Lawsuit Found Evidence the Feds Didn’t

Report: Hundreds of former SEC employees representing clients before agency —  UBS, JPMorgan Chase among prominent companies potentially benefiting

Counterparties: When two mandates aren’t enough

TREASURY TAKES TARP LOSS — Per SNL Financial: “The U.S. Treasury is starting to realize heavier losses as it continues to auction its CPP investments in banks, many of which are behind on their dividend payments. Last week, the Treasury sold $295.8 million in CPP securities, taking a loss of $104.5 million before fees, a hit amounting to over a third of the principal amount auctioned. The 35 percent aggregate discount is the steepest seen thus far in the multibank auction process by a long shot. Seven out of the 11 auctioned banks are well behind on their dividend payments, further crippling the Treasury’s overall return.”

Sherrod Brown op-ed:  An end to ‘too big to fail’

George Will!  Time to break up the big banks

Banks Should Defer Bonuses for Up to 10 Years, Bank of England committee member says

The Scruffy and the Stuffy Agree: Cap CEO Pay

 Ban the credit ratings agencies! Firms like Standard & Poor, charged with fraud by the DOJ, are criminally incompetent and serve no public purpose

Lew to face questions over Cayman fund & Citi bonus

Honeywell’s Dave Cote:
 Super Wealthy CEO Admits Spending Cuts Will Hurt The Economy, Wants Them To Happen Anyway

❖ As union membership declined–from around 36% of workers in the late ’50s to 6.6% today–the share of US income taken by the top 1% rose–from around 10% to 23.5%.  The “assault on unions has been deliberate and merciless”.  What can be done to “claw back middle class wealth”.

Thought debtor prison ended in the 18th century? Think again.


 Rings of Unemployment (NYT)

Catherine Rampell highlights research showing that four out of five Americans were either laid off themselves or have friends and relatives who were laid off during the last few years. The other one out of five don’t have very many friends, for obvious reasons.

 This Week in Poverty: Revealing the Real TANF (The Nation)

Greg Kaufmann argues that the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program can only be counted as a bipartisan success if the goal was to minimize the amount of assistance those needy families get rather than the amount of assistance that they need.


 Paul Krugman: Global Austerity ‘An Unethical Experimentation On Human Beings’

Austerity’s Unintended Consequences:  In Spain and Italy, fiscal belt-tightening has improved public finances, but it’s wreaking havoc on national politics

 Greeks forgo winter heating after jump in fuel tax

  Factory in Greece starts production under workers’ control

 How to Better Mobilize Citizen Volunteers for Disasters

Pro-gun demonstrators bring their message and weapons inside Oregon Capitol

 Current gun debate may not help beleaguered ATF — Agency crippled by weak laws, paltry budgets and Congressional restrictions

NYPD Surveillance Operation Goes Too Far

 Is U.S. Considering Expansion of Targeted Kill List Into North Africa?

  “We’re Not Going To Be Pushed Around by the Antis”  Julie Burkhart is working to bring abortion care back to Wichita

Venture Capital’s Massive, Terrible Idea For The Future Of College

National Politics:

Quietly Killing a Consumer Watchdog (NYT)

An editorial argues that the changes to the CFPB that Republicans are demanding before they’ll allow Richard Cordray’s nomination to go through are just another excuse for them to water down financial reform like they’re tending bar at the worst dive in town.

 Exclusive: Donors Trust, The Right’s Dark-Money ATM, Paid Out $30 Million in 2011

FEC chairwoman warns of super PAC corruption

Nate Silver:  New Rove Group Could Backfire on G.O.P.

The Tea Party has made the latest move in its budding war with Karl Rove. The Tea Party Patriots, one of the most prominent groups, launched a new super PAC to target “‘big spending’ politicians of both parties”

The Republican Civil War Starts in Iowa — Can Karl Rove keep Steve King out of the Senate?

 Virginia Republicans Advance Voter ID Legislation

 Amicus Brief, Shelby County, Alabama, v. Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the United States of America, et al

Gun groups extend influence battle to state houses

Ohio Governor’s Tax Plan Would Cut Taxes For Wealthy, Raise Them On The Poor

How The White House Inadvertently Blasted Paul Ryan’s Budget To His Face

What’s Now Happening On Federal Budget is Worse Than The Fiscal Cliff

Obama’s Turn in Bush’s Bind
 If President Obama tuned in to the past week’s bracing debate on Capitol Hill about terrorism, executive power, secrecy and due process, he might have recognized the arguments his critics were making: He once made some of them himself.

Chris Hedges:  The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State

Chris Hedges on Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention and the “Corporate Coup d’etat”

❖ Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on extra-judicial killing by drone: Set up something similar to the foreign intelligence surveillance court to “review targeted killings of Americans”, with a Congressional committee kept informed.

 Senator Angus King: Let’s Have a Targeted Killing Court

The Nominee the Senate Won’t Obstruct — Unpacking John Brennan’s confirmation hearing

“He Was The Agency”: Ex-CIA Analyst Questions Brennan Claim He Couldn’t Stop Waterboarding, Torture

The law of war does not shield the CIA and John Brennan’s drone kill list — The US prosecuted Omar Khadr in Guantánamo for not being a lawful combatant. Exactly the same applies to the civilian CIA

The Drone Makers And Their Friends In Washington

Drones: Despite Problems, A Push to Expand Domestic Use

Seattle grounds police drone program — Mayor Mike McGinn ordered the Seattle Police Department to abandon its plan to use drones after residents and privacy advocates protested

To catch a leak — Does the US government have a monopoly on transparency?

 “Most Transparent Administration Ever” Is Still Not

Wonkbook: A policy primer for the 2013 SOTU

 South Dakota Tribes Accuse State Of Violating Indian Welfare Act

Michele Bachmann uses liberal super PAC attack to raise funds

Bachmann campaign’s use of contact list comes under more fire

 Bush, Jr.’s Paintings and the Art of Projecting Guilt — The former president hates being on the couch, but hacking has put him there.


 Billionaire fracking brothers donated most to successful state legislative candidates   (…them Wilks brothers are up to no good again)

The Gradual Selling of America the Beautiful

U.S. ‘Divestment’ Movement Gaining Momentum

❖  Coal companies “pay 25 cents a ton for coal from public lands and then can  turn around and sell it for $35 a ton”.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is supposed to be checking to see if, in addition, the coal companies are low-balling “the value of coal excavated from federal lands” in order to pay lower fees to the government.

Boosted By Methane Releases, Oil And Gas Sector Is Number Two in Global Warming Pollution

Pipeline critics: Nebraska Gov. Heineman lacks authority to push Keystone through

Will the Keystone XL Pipeline Go Down?

 Koch Brothers Driving Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Cut Out Venezuelan Oil

In North Carolina, fracking rights rise to surface 

The boom in U.S. oil drilling hasn’t lowered gas prices

Attention investors: Climate policy could knock off half the value of fossil fuel companies

Ethanol Plants Idled Since Drought Began

Safety Group Blows Lid on ‘Secret Virus’ Hidden in GMO Crops


As Brennan ‘Escapes,’ Criticism of Media ‘Self-Censorship’ on Drone Program Grows

Sheldon Adelson takes exception with Center blog post

Voter Disenfranchisement Efforts Hit Desperate New Low In NRO Hit Piece

Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair

 An Insider’s View of the Progressive Talk Radio Devolution

 Notes on the media on the media

The International Anti-Corruption Academy is offering a new Master’s program in Anti-Corruption Studies. The degree is aimed at professionals working in corporate compliance, internal oversight, law enforcement, investigative journalism, and more

Media Ethics and Those Hacked Bush Family E-mails

How Media Outlets Are Using Vine To Deliver The News — Some Better Than Others

Why the quants won’t take over Hollywood


Scott Walker Dropped the Bomb Two Years Ago Today and Wisconsin’s Economy is Still Shattered’s-economy-still-shatt

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Dan Bice:   Vos finds a new way to hit up lobbyists.


 Priebus: Wisconsin a ‘great model’ for national GOP

Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. 200 attend listening session on Wis. mining bill.
 Eau Claire Leader Telegram.  Most at Ashland hearing oppose open pit iron ore mine
 Anti-mine sentiment dominates public forum in northern Wisconsin


On his Political Environment blog, James Rowen uses history to show the sordid record mining companies have compiled over the years with their disregard for the environment.  But the state’s power brokers are leading the charge to place the future of northern Wisconsin in their hands.


Grothman to Mellen Residents: “Trust the Company”

Green Bay Press Gazette. 3 contend for spot on Wisconsin Supreme Court.


 Supreme Court candidates to report spending



Walker administration stays on sidelines as feds set up Wisconsin’s health insurance exchange



The case for accepting federal money to fill holes in BadgerCare is overwhelming



Lt. Gov. Kleefisch’s spouse backs three Republicans in race


Racine Journal Times editorial: Don’t change electoral vote process

The Appleton Post-Crescent weighs in on Gov. Walker’s proposals to expand the school voucher program. That’s wrong, the paper says, and another assault on public schools.

Gov. Walker. Developing Wisconsin’s workforce: $100 million investment in our future.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Scott Walker seeks $100 million for job training, data tracking. 


League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Network. Letter to Gov. Walker regarding state budget.


Forbes Names Wisconsin to Dubious List of “Top Ten States People are Fleeing”


Janesville Gazette. Editorial: Fundamentals must be focus for job creation.
Chippewa Herald. Employers complain about unfair unemployment system.


WEDC. Continues push for business growth in Wisconsin


 Addressing damage done by U.S. Chamber and WMC



 Madison Chamber of Commerce allies with labor

The New York Times reports the AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are working together in support of immigration reform.

A similar dynamic is forming locally, with the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce forming an apparent political alliance with a group of unions to support candidates for the Madison City Council.

 Three reforms nobody seems to care enough about

Walker campaign a 50-state proposition

Sen. Tammy Baldwin says before Obamacare, 17 million kids with health conditions were “uninsurable”

Chris Matthews says Sen. Ron Johnson was elected in ‘very low turnout’ contest

La Crosse Tribune. Planned Parenthood to refile challenge to Wis. law.

Sheboygan Press. Midwest firms coupled to high-speed rail.
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Some News

The Gaping Hole in the Conservative Case Against the Voting Rights Act

Where Did All those Super PAC Dollars Go? 1/3 of All Outside Money Moved Through Handful of Media Firms,” by Will Dooling

Political war profiteers: 20 consulting firms churn 80 percent of super PAC cash

The Great Austerity Swindle!

Buying “Political Intelligence” Can Pay Off Big for Wall Street

 “The political-intelligence business has expanded rapidly over a decade as government decisions have come to play a growing role for some on Wall Street. Investors spend more than $400 million a year for such intelligence, according to Integrity Research Associates, which follows the research industry. Its founder, Michael Mayhew, said hedge funds tell him the ‘single largest source of gains for them has been what’s going on in Washington.’ Political-intelligence specialists, unlike lobbyists, don’t have to disclose anything about their clients, activities or fees.”

Corporate Profits Have Soared By 171 Percent Under ‘Anti-Business’ Obama

Gun laws in the U.S., state by state  ::  a nice interactive by The Guardian

Federal Offshore Drilling Safety Committee May Disband Even as Concerns Mount — An advisory committee formed after 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster could be meeting for the last time this week, because its charter is set to expire.

As Shell’s Arctic Drilling Hopes “Hit Snags,” Its Rivals Watch

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Tonight, part of my state just nominated this guy to be their Republican nominee for the United States Senate. He served as Governor here for fourteen years, then left that post to spend the first four years of George Bush, Jr.’s presidency as head of Health & Human Services. In 2008, he spent nearly four and a half months as a Republican candidate for President, before getting 7% of the vote in Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll, and dropping out of the race the next day.

   Most interestingly, he was a key member of ALEC before really anyone know what it is. “Myself, I always loved going to these meetings because I always found new ideas. Then I’d take them back to Wisconsin, disguise them a little bit, and declare that ‘It’s mine,’” he told an ALEC conference in 2002.

  He’s 70 years old, and his mortality would never allow him to gain any influence or traction in the Senate. Which is all well and good, because Tammy Baldwin will be a great Senator repping Wisconsinites in D.C. once she’s elected in November.

   Replacing Tammy in her seat will be Mark Pocan, a perfectly fine legislator, but a bittersweet choice, since his victory tonight was at the expense of my friend Kelda Roys, who faced him in the Democratic primary. She was elected to the state Assembly in 2008, rapidly became caucus chair, and did a fantastic job of being the people’s representative in our statehouse. I don’t know what’s immediately next for her, but whatever it is, she’ll be fucking great at it.

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Ryan – Romney roundup

  The pick of Paul Ryan?  A Mormon-Catholic ticket to appeal to a bumptiously Protestant voting base? This’ll get interesting. I’m keeping an eye out for any tantrums of the religious right’s this weekend.

   The recent, long Ryan Lizza New Yorker piece was sent to the roundup this week — here it is if you missed it:

   And CJR’s overview of it —
  (& TPM
  They used this pull quote:
 To envisage what Republicans would do if they win in November, the person to understand is not necessarily Romney, who has been a policy cipher all his public life. The person to understand is Paul Ryan.

  Lizza is “genuinely surprised” about the pick:

For one thing, Ryan has no significant private-sector experience. Besides summer jobs working at McDonald’s or at his family’s construction company, or waiting tables as a young Washington staffer, Ryan has none of the business-world experience Romney frequently touts as essential for governing. In the run-up to his first campaign for Congress, in 1998, that gap was enough of a concern for Ryan that he briefly became a “marketing consultant” at the family business, an obvious bit of résumé puffing.

But Ryan’s Washington experience is also light, at least for a potential President—which, after all, is the main job description of a Vice-President. Ryan has worked as a think-tank staffer and Congressman, but he’s never been in charge of a large organization, and he has little experience with foreign policy. Given how Sarah Palin was criticized for her lack of such experience, I’m surprised that Romney would pick someone whose ability to immediately step into the top job is open to question.

And the experience that Ryan does have is not exactly what voters are clamoring for at the moment. The bulk of Ryan’s House career coincided with the Presidency of George W. Bush, during which he was a reliable vote for many Bush policies that have not aged well: Medicare Part D; the Iraq War; and the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Ryan told me that voting for all of that spending, which added trillions to the deficit, made him “miserable,” but he’ll need a better explanation in his October debate with Joe Biden.

 His budget proposal

Budget Committee Republicans’ Roadmap for America’s Future has a series of videos of him explaining his budget:

 Paul Ryan’s Health Industry Ties

Ryan’s Top 20 Contributors, 2009 -2010:

Paul D. Ryan – Congressional Record entries

His House site has videos of recent appearances, mainly on Fox News & CNBC

As does his YouTube channel  —

  And, too a lesser extent, the House Budget Committee  —

 He tweeted these videos:

Paul Ryan on John Roberts  — on ABC’s This Week, July 1

Ryan says Obama can’t run on his record — on CBS’s Face The Nation, July 15;ftn

 On Charlie Sykes
Ryan Warns of New ObamaCare Costs

Ryan’s Address:
 ‘Our Rights Come from Nature and God, Not Government‘

Views on a Romney-Ryan ticket from around the web!page=1&pageSize=10&sort=newestfirst

VP Pick Sparks Outpouring Of Reaction

Media Roundup:

Call That a Budget?

CBO: Long-Term Analysis of a Budget Proposal by Chairman Ryan,  April 5, 2011

The Ryan Budget: A Primer on What’s Now the Hottest Topic in 2012

What’s in the “Ryan” Budget Resolution?

Jane Mayer:  Paul Ryan and the Influence of Ayn Rand

Paul Ryan – Ayn Rand’s Relevance in 2009
    Evidently posted on his Facebook page back then.

Now apparently it’s a “slam” to say Paul Ryan likes Ayn Rand  (from April)

The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand

Wendell Potter:  Rep. Ryan’s budget plan is a “Path to the Poorhouse”

With Ryan pick, Romney doubles down on economic radicalism

Think Progress roundup:

12 Things You Should Know About Paul Ryan

Five Times Mitt Romney Has Embraced The Ryan Budget

Meet Paul Ryan: Climate Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Koch Acolyte

Does Romney Think Paul Ryan Is Qualified To Be President?
 Hasn’t had Mitt’s requisite time in the private sector

Paul Ryan’s History On Welfare Undermines Romney’s Attack on Obama

More News & Analysis:

Obama campaign video — Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies

Ryan: Obama has ‘record of failure’

Paul Ryan, Congressman-Elect, at Age 28
        On C-SPAN in 1998!

Republican House, Senate leaders praise Romney, Ryan presidential ticket

Romney’s veep short list applauds Paul Ryan

Reaction from Obama, Congressional leaders

Ryan Choice Caps Romney’s Journey From Centrist to Conservative

Paul Ryan Covers Romney’s Right Flank

Ryan Pick Brings Medicare to Center Stage

Poll: Ryan Could Help Turn Wisconsin Red

Will Romney’s choice of Ryan put Wisconsin back in play?

Paul Ryan House Race Can Proceed Despite VP Nomination

Wisconsin GOP Mulls Replacement if Paul Ryan Is VP

NYT’s original article: Romney Adds Ryan to G.O.P. Ticket

Milestones: Paul Ryan  — biographical interactive feature

The Rise of Paul Ryan, Presumptive Vice Presidential Nominee

Influence profile: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Is a Brave Deficit Hawk, If You Ignore His Record And His Policies
Profiles in Cowardice: How the Beltway Punditocracy Gets Paul Ryan’s Plan Totally Wrong,  from,8599,2063967,00.html

Paul Ryan’s Message: ‘Courage’

Dave Weigel:  Paul Ryan’s Party

Rejoice! It’s Ryan!  —  Conservatives are thrilled by Romney’s VP pick. So are Democrats. One camp is very wrong.

The Risks and Rewards of Choosing Paul Ryan

Tough talk: Romney is looking to shift campaign

Rep. Van Hollen has mixed feelings on Budget Committee rival Ryan as VP pick

Kevin Drum:  Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Veep, Hopes Everyone Will Now Stop Asking About His Taxes

ACLU’s Anthony Romero:  Ryan Has a Plan to Unravel Civil Liberties, Too

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Styles Couldn’t Be More Different

Paul Ryan Sponsored Fetal Personhood Bill, Opposes Family Planning Funds

Paul Ryan: Behind Blue Eyes

Lipstick on a Wonk

James Fallows:  Paul Ryan: A Good Choice, but Please, Not a ‘Serious’ One

David Dayen:  Thoughts on the Paul Ryan VP Selection

David Corn:  With Paul Ryan, Romney Makes the VP Pick Obama Wanted

Ezra Klein:  Mitt Romney will name Paul Ryan as his VP. Here’s what that means.

Liberal Groups, Unions See Opportunity in Paul Ryan Pick

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Romney-Ryan Economics Would be a Disaster for Seniors and the Middle Class

Mitt Romney’s VP Pick Resurfaces Fundamental Question: Do We Dismantle The Social State?

Marian Wright Edelman:  Be Careful What You Cut

Romney Campaign Raises More Than $1M In First Four Hours Of Ryan Ticket

Wisconsin reacts:

Older media on Ryan & his budget:

Everything You Need to Know About Chairman Ryan’s Budget

March 12: Center on Budget & Policy Priorities statement on Ryan’s Budget Plan

Another Quarter-Million for Millionaires Under Ryan Tax Plan

Jon Chait’s April profile  — The Legendary Paul Ryan

The right’s Etch a Sketch imperative

From April, Ryan Pushes the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent
   re: his Catholicism

From March, on Face The NationRyan: “We want to avoid a debt crisis”;contentBody

From March,  Ryan introduces GOP budget plan, slashing social programs and tax rates

Jon Chait from March, 2010:  Paul Ryan And The Republican Vision

From March,  The Truth About Paul Ryan

From March:  Ryan Promises To Close Tax Loopholes, But Won’t Say Which

Mike Elk,  April, 2011 :  Unlikely Alliance Stopped Federal Rollback of Construction Wage, Worksite Protections

From May, 2011 – Paul Ryan: Secret Union Lover?

 End of the Line  — GM guaranteed the people of Janesville, Wisconsin, a good wage for a hard job. Those were the days.
 SeptemberOctober, 2009 issue

Conservative reactions so far:

Fred Barnes: What the Ryan Pick Says About Romney

Larry Kudlow: The Reagan in Romney

John Fund:  Smart Democrats Should Be Worried

Mo’ NROSubstance and Style

Forbes’ John Tamny: In a Presidential Election About the Economy, Paul Ryan Was the Only Choice

William Saletan:  Why I Love Paul Ryan

Rupert Murdoch:  “Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice. “

pre-Veep-pick articles:

Agree to Agree”:

Paul Ryan may end up being the one thing everyone in this election agrees on. Republicans finally got their dream pick , and Democrats get their dream opponent.

“Join me in welcoming the next president of the United States, Paul Ryan.”
    – Willard Romney, August 11, 2012

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A li`l mainstream~y media news round-up for the day

 Collective bargaining law may increase state pension costs by $87.5M 

Fools at PolitiFact weigh in on Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca – “70 percent of the people who voted” on June 5, 2012, “just didn’t feel comfortable with the recall of the governor,” weakening any idea that Wisconsin is “fully behind this Walker agenda.”  

Following Ziegelbauer from a couple days ago, Robin Vos pulls his name from attempt to intervene in photo ID case.
  Vos is withdrawing his name from a motion filed in the case after questions were raised about whether he was violating state ethics law by accepting legal help in making the filing. Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer (I-Manitowoc), who also had signed on to the motion, withdrew from it earlier this week.Vos acknowledged a finding by state officials that receiving legal help on the motion would run afoul of the ethics law.”The initial guidance that I received from the Government Accountability Board provided me the opportunity to intervene in the case. Upon further review, the GAB went in a different direction in its final ruling,” he said in a statement. “I continue to support the efforts in this lawsuit and hope we can do everything possible to preserve the integrity of the election process.”

Public sector unions lose in the U.S. Supreme Court – 
  While everyone awaited release of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare, the court today released a less-publicized case regarding the campaign activities of public sector unions.  By a 7-2 decision in  Knox v. SEIU, the Court held that public unions could not charge non-union government employees for their political activities – although non-union public sector workers could still be charged for non-political union administrative costs.

The Supreme Court’s Scott Walker Moment
  Five justices tell public-employee unions they “tolerate” them—for now.

Holding On For Evening in America – 
 Romney’s immediate challenge comes from swing state Republican governors, who are boasting to voters about the economic recoveries in their states. When your entire campaign depends on fomenting gloom about the economy, having such renown liberals as Rick Scott and Scott Walker heralding the morning in Florida and Wisconsin … well, let’s just say it doesn’t help. It exposes a palpable tension between the mixed reality of President Obama’s economic record, and Romney’s caricature of it.
  It’s a rich story.

2012 elections:

Left girds for voting rights battle

Labor targets the Midwest 
 The Midwest is ground zero for organized labor this fall. In the wake of the failed Wisconsin recall attempt, unions are forging ahead with their 2012 battle plan, pouring cash and resources into Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota and Ohio in an effort to recapture ground lost when Republicans made sweeping gains in the 2010 midterm elections.At stake is control of state legislatures, a governor’s mansion and potentially the White House.

From the Milwaukee Area Labor Council:

Union members need to grow up confronting opposition 
  As political strategy, and probably error, the Democrats leading up to June 5 underplayed the impact of what was happening to union workers. That strategy failed — hard — far from big cities. It was the rural communities that handed Scott Walker his victory – and out there, apparently, the word “union” had a bad taste and no contrary fire to dispute the view.While workers – including many non-union workers — remain proud of how quickly they gathered and protested in Madison and collected recall signatures, there were citizens who saw that not as America in action but an America to be afraid of.

A breakdown of the Farm Bill passing the Senate, by Bekah Wilce ,

 and a very helpful interactive graph chart of the bill’s {proposed} amendments.

Organic Industry Watchdog Challenges USDA’s Lack of Transparency 

Montana GOP Ad Joins Democrats in Attacking Ryan Budget
A plan to reorganize Medicare as a voucher program with less generous benefits over time is his biggest stumbling block. It’s a particularly sensitive spot for Republicans, who have pushed back hard against Democratic claims that this change would “end Medicare as we know it,” while trying to regain control on the issue by highlighting far less consequential spending changes to Medicare Advantage under President Obama’s health care plan.
“Rehberg refused to support a Republican budget plan that could harm the Medicare plan so many Montana seniors rely on,” the ad’s narrator intones.
It’s an oddly discordant note for the national GOP, who have remained mostly in lockstep behind Ryan, whose rise within the party has made him a popular pick among Republican politicians to be Mitt Romney’s running mate. Democrats are just as eager to tie Romney to the plan, whose combination of cuts to social programs and tax breaks for the wealthy they believe is politically toxic for general election voters.

Wisconsin Redux: Self-flagellating Progressives Continue to Miss the Real Problem
 Article about very real problems with voting machines … aside from the fact the Walker clearly did not “steal” the fucking election, christ.

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al-Jazeera covers the 20th anniversary of the start of the Sarajevo siege. It lasted four years and killed 10,000 people.

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a little ode to Move On’s prodigious organizing prowess & efficacy, from The Onion.

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